Check Again, Here Are 6 Signs of Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what are the signs of iron deficiency. Even if left unchecked, iron deficiency can cause a variety of health problems. Iron is a major component of hemoglobin in red blood cells, which functions to bind oxygen to be circulated throughout the body. Lack of iron intake not only makes the body weak, but also more susceptible to disease, because iron also plays a role in the body's immune system.

Signs of Iron Deficiency

Here are some signs of iron deficiency that need to be aware of:

1. Tired and short of breath

Tiredness caused by iron deficiency is different from that experienced during heavy activity. Tired due to iron deficiency is generally accompanied by other symptoms, such as weakness, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. In addition, iron deficiency can also inhibit oxygen supply throughout the body, so patients can experience shortness of breath. Complaints can even arise even though only mild activities that are normally done.

2. The face looks pale

In addition to fatigue, a person suffering from iron deficiency will also look paler. This is because when iron deficiency, the body will produce less hemoglobin than usual. The effect, red blush on the skin will be reduced so that the skin finally looks paler. To find out whether your face is pale or not, the easiest way to detect it is to look at the lower eyelid area, on the inside. If the color looks paler or not as bright and red as usual, you may be deficient in iron. Another area that also needs to be examined is the lips or gums. If your lips and gums look paler than usual, then you might be deficient in iron. For convenience, you can compare it with the color of the lips and gums of others who are healthy.

3. Frequent infections

Someone who is deficient in iron is more susceptible to infection. This is because iron becomes an important part in the immune system or immune system, as well as supporting the formation of white blood cells that function to fight infections that attack the body.

4. Swollen tongue

Reduced oxygen supply due to lack of iron in the body can make muscles, including the tongue, become swollen and painful. In addition, the sides of the mouth will also appear chapped. Likewise the color of the tongue will look pale, because the color of the tongue is influenced by red blood cells.

5. Hair loss

Hair loss is one sign of iron deficiency, especially those that have already occurred anemia. Iron deficiency causes hair follicles to not get adequate oxygen, because in this condition, the body will focus oxygen on vital organs that are considered more important. Beware if the hair loss is more than 100 strands per day, especially if it does not grow back fast.

6. The desire for consumption of unusual intake

The next sign of iron deficiency is wanting an unusual intake, such as clay, lime, and paper. This sign is rare but very dangerous, because it can cause poisoning or blockage of the digestive tract. If you experience signs of iron deficiency, see your doctor immediately. Your doctor will do a complete blood test to find out your hemoglobin level and your red blood cell count, and other tests to find out the cause. To overcome iron deficiency, doctors can provide iron supplements as needed.